Area Overview

Over 300 hectares of former military land became available by 2015 and some parts have already been put into civilian use. For the city of Mannheim, the size of the vacant areas for urban development creates new opportunities to unlock necessary potential for businesses, housing, local recreation and infrastructure.

In 2011, the city of Mannheim, together with its citizens, set out to transform the former military areas. Through numerous initiatives and work groups, the over 1000 ideas and concepts collected from the people of Mannheim will be incorporated into the conversion areas.

During the white paper process, the City of Mannheim laid down key points that merge civic and urban planning objectives. In the ongoing process, it was important to consolidate investors’ interests, the public’s ideas and urban planning necessities. The aim was to integrate qualitatively outstanding and attractively mixed residential and working areas with leisure areas to the furthest extent and to provide planning reliability to buyers and investors. These future civilian areas are a gain for Mannheim. They advance the possibility of making the city greener and more open while developing new qualities.