Hammonds Barracks


  • Seckenheim
  • Direct access to the center of Seckenheim, with a connection to Seckenheimer Landstraße
  • Along with the neighboring Loretto Barracks, the area covers 9.2 hectares


  • The area consists of various residential buildings and, from 1961 to 1982, housed the property of the NATO Army Group Center, which led to German, Canadian and French soldiers also temporarily serving at the Hammonds Barracks.
  • The area was returned by the US Army in 2011.


  • Due to its location and surroundings, the area is being developed into a residential quarter aimed at a conscious approach to the history of the site.
  • The Bundesanstalt für Immobilienaufgaben (BImA - Institute for Federal Real Estate) is developing and marketing these barracks.

Planning status

  • 2013: Organization of an urban planning competition in which eight planning offices participated. The offices created design concepts for multiple commissions.
  • 2015: Drafting of the development plan. The urban development concept integrates five of the seven administrative buildings at the Hammonds Barracks, which will be supplemented by new additional buildings. In addition to a variety of housing options, social and commercial uses as well as food retailing will vitalize the quarter. The former military drill ground serves as a generous central green area. A ring-shaped access road and minor residential streets will make the property accessible to traffic.
  • 2019: Legal effect of the development plan, start of deconstruction and development. 

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