All photos taken by Annette Mueck


  • Central location in Feudenheim/Käfertal
  • Good connection to the main road B38


  • The area was built as pioneer barracks during the Second World War and was used by the Americans mainly as a depot and storage facility for goods and supplies for the daily needs of US troops stationed in Europe.


  • Most of the area will be the core area of the Federal Garden Show (BUGA) 2023. SPINELLI's generous open space closes the gap in the citywide green zone northeast from Luisenpark to the lakes in Vogelstang and provides a fresh air corridor for the urban clusters.
  • The plan is to round off housing in the north, which will tie in with the existing structures of the Käfertal district. In the south, planning is currently underway for a mixed-use residential area, with a green depot being considered.

Planning status

  • 2013: Local council and public decision on the Federal Garden Show (BUGA) 2023
  • 2016: Initial planning for SPINELLI
  • 2018: Decision on the framework by the local council.
  • 2019: Start of demolition work at SPINELLI

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