1/2/3 Andreas Henn, 4/5/6 Annette Mueck, 7 Horst Hamann


  • Vogelstang district
  • Direct connection to the main road B38 and good connection to the A6 highway.


  • The area served as a base for important command units of the telecommunication and support troops. Parts of the Mannheim site administration as well as the police chief of the US Army-Europe were stationed here.
  • The extensive workshop space and depot capacities played an important role for Mannheim and the American troops stationed here.


TAYLOR will become Mannheim's greenest commercial park. One distinct attraction and quality of this quarter will be the TAYLOR PARK, which will be characterized by a high proportion of green area – 21 %. The approximately 46-hectare site combines commercial activities with a high-quality open space in the immediate vicinity. A total of 120 companies are expected be located at TAYLOR over the next few years, and 2,000 new jobs will be created on the site.

Planning status

  • 2013: The area was acquired by the project development company MWSP of the Bundesanstalt für Immobilienaufgaben (BImA - Institute for Federal Real Estate).
  • 2016: The local council approved the development plan. Demolition work on the site was completed.
  • 2017: Start of first constructions.
  • 2018: Start of construction of TAYLOR PARK. Development work in full swing and expected completion by the first quarter of 2019. Inauguration of the new roads at the site. Completion of first new buildings and start of operations.
  • 2019: Start of tree planting in TAYLOR PARK.

Articles about TAYLOR

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