All photos taken by Annette Mueck


  • East Neckarstadt
  • Directly on Friedrich-Ebert-Straße (main road B38)


  • Listed site of the once Kaiser Wilhelm Barracks (built between 1899 and 1901) with a large, tree-lined barracks yard.
  • The area was cleared in 2007.


  • According to White Paper I, the objective for the area is to develop a high-quality, urban mix of unique housing, innovative work and research, common needs and urban district culture.
  • It will be an urban residential area with restaurants, educational institutions, and communal living arrangements alongside classic condominiums, rental apartments, assisted and inclusive housing.
  • One central attraction of the quarter will be the former Casino, which will be converted into a space open to the public, adding real value to not only TURLEY, but the whole of Mannheim.
  • The redesign of the TURLEY also allows a reminder of the past. The streets are reminiscent of courageous citizens who opposed the regime during the Nazi era. The main street leading into the quarter is Turleystraße (Turley Street) and the former military drill ground is Turleyplatz (Turley Place).

Planning status

  • 2012: Purchase of TURLEY, by MWS Project Development Company of the Bundesanstalt für Immobilienaufgaben (BImA ¬– Institute for Federal Real Estate).
  • 2014: Demolition work completed
  • 2015: Completion of the development plan for the first sub-area. Start of development work and new construction. The first residents move in.
  • 2016: Completion of roads for the first construction phase.
  • 2017: Completion of the development plan for the second sub-area.
  • 2019: Start of construction for the conversion of the former Casino into an open community center. 


As of the end of 2019, 680 residents live at TURLEY,.

The following investors and residential groups have settled in TURLEY,:

  • SWK – Solidarischer Wohn- und Kulturraum Mannheim (Supportive Living and Culrtural Center Mannheim)
  • umBAU² Turley e.V. (reBuild2 Turley)
  • F13 Turley (13ha Freiheit) (F13 Turley (13ha Freedom))
  • Mannheimer Wohnwerte (Mannheim Residential Quality)
  • SoHo Turley der Tom Bock Group (SoHo Turley of the Tom Bock Group)
  • Kaupp+Franck Immoblilien (Kaupp+Franck Real Estate)
  • Theodor Fliedner Stiftung (Theodor Fliedner Foundation)
  • Johannes-Diakonie Mosbach (Johannes Social Welfare Work of Mosbach)
  • Motor Real Estate

Articles about TURLEY

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