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Openness, inventiveness and an active commitment to a better future have always been the hallmarks of the history of “the square city”. Since its foundation, the city has been characterized by people from very different backgrounds, who have brought a variety of influences and played a decisive role in contributing to and molding it. Mannheim has always remained true to this lively cosmopolitan and international atmosphere. People with roots from over 170 countries live and work in the city, contributing their own ideas and lifestyles. In Mannheim, they find the necessary freedom, an authentic environment and a productive atmosphere to put innovative and creative ideas into practice and take advantage of opportunities.

To enable this environment for viable, multifaceted and high-quality living and coexistence in Mannheim, MWSP is actively involved in its daily work and creates the prerequisites for attractive city districts through various measures and activities within the framework of local urban renewal. This is based on a study carried out by Dr. Konrad Hummel, which initially takes inventory of the district and proves that these are not problem areas but diverse neighborhoods. Six fields of action were determined for local urban renewal, which will be applied in various individual measures. The aim of the project "Local Urban Renewal" is to meet the challenge of social diversity within a neighborhood through instruments of municipal policy in the respect that instruments of the city and urban development are appropriately sharpened and, in an extended form, intermeshed with citizenship, independent bodies and companies. The aim is not merely to minimize the risks of destabilization, but to enable the neighborhood to fully reach its potential.

The municipal development company MWSP acts as the interface between the city administration and the citizens. For local urban renewal, a steering committee was formed for the departments of the city administration and the neighbourhood management to come together and is led by the OB-Decernat and MWSP. Here, topics to be dealt with in the affected districts are discussed in close coordination and concrete measures are derived. The focus is on districts with structural deficits that exhibit a tendency towards negative development. Close integration with the Mannheim housing cooperative GBG and the city, including many departments, enables a comprehensive and powerful synergy, through which many activities have already been successfully implemented and numerous other measures are already being planned and executed — always connected with the goal of increasing the social and structural quality of the individual districts and maintaining it in the long term. The focus is currently on the districts of Neckarstadt-West and Jungbusch.

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