Awareness of the history of a place helps to create future-oriented living space. Therefore, the careful handling of the history of the conversion areas plays an important role in their transformation. The project MAEMORIES considers the history of the Americans and their impact on the life of the city with great respect. It preserves the view of the former US military areas as important evidence of Mannheim's city history.

MAEMORIES is one of three pillars of the active history project of the conversion areas ZEITSTROM, which arose from citizens' ideas as part of the white paper process and is intended to do justice to prehistory, present history and the future. MWSP has been responsible for the content design and implementation of the third pillar “US history / Americans in Mannheim” since 2018, which has now received a project name and logo with MAEMORIES. Municipal project partners are responsible for the other pillars, “Natural Time” and “Democracy and Globalization”.

MAEMORIES focuses on almost 70 years of city history in which the Americans were in Mannheim. More than 500,000 Americans came to the city to live and work here between 1945 and 2015. With the conversion of the former American military areas into new quarters for the society of Mannheim, the MWSP operates a future-oriented and at the same time history-conscious way of city development. Historical buildings and relics from the time of the Americans in Mannheim were preserved or kept on all conversion areas. Important mementoes go to the MAEMORIES archive.

The aim is to develop historical paths and exhibitions across the areas that deal with the rich and sometimes conflicted relationship history between the US military and Mannheim's society. Using central narrative strands and relevant places on TURLEY, TAYLOR, FRANKLIN and SPINELLI, the German-American relationship history will be told in an exemplary manner - with special consideration of the events and developments in Mannheim.

In the course of the new project name, the ZEITSTROM house located in FRANKLIN will also be renamed
HOUSE OF MAEMORIES and the external presentation will be changed shortly.

The logo developed in 2020 makes reference to the city of Mannheim and the US flag.


With the HOUSE OF MAEMORIES, the MWSP established a public area in the building of the former FRANKLIN preschool for changing exhibitions, workshops and the city model of the future FRANKLIN district.

The HOUSE OF MAEMORIES is currently closed due to the Corona regulation.
We will announce the new opening in time.


Exhibition space