3,000 residents call FRANKLIN their home

In 2016 the urban development company MWSP started converting the area. Now the new district is in the middle of the settlement. The 3,000 resident moved to FRANKLIN in February 2021.

FRANKLIN, the former largest US housing estate in Germany, makes an important contribution to meeting the demand for housing in Mannheim. After completion, around 10,000 people will live in the FRANKLIN district. In autumn 2019, FRANKLIN celebrated its 1,000 residents - the number of residents has already tripled.

The development of the area will continue largely unrestricted during the corona pandemic. Nine further projects are expected to be completed in 2021. Thus, the forecast by the end of 2021 is around 4,400 residents or around 2,100 completed residential units. By the end of the development of the conversion area, around 4,700 residential units will have been built.

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