Concentrated development plan for FRANKLIN-Mitte

On December 15th, 2020 the municipal council of the city of Mannheim decided on the development plan No. 71.47 and the associated statutes for the FRANKLIN-Mitte sub-area. It covers an area of approx. 65.5 hectares, divided into 33 construction fields and is surrounded by open space in the form of a green ā€œUā€. The urban development company MWSP is responsible for the transformation of FRANKLIN. She pays particular attention to the quality of urban development and the contribution of the individual projects to a liveable district.

In order to still enable a quick conversion and high quality with the outstanding dimension of 144 hectares, FRANKLIN implemented the unusual approach of creating building permits in individual stages. Accordingly, the development plans of the area are brought to the statute in different sections. This planning also goes hand in hand with the fact that the FRANKLIN-Mitte development plan, in particular, was drawn up in close cooperation with the advisory group due to its size.

The advisory group is a body made up of architects, town planners, sociologists, administration and political representatives. The current projects are presented to and appraised at regular meetings. The urban development qualities of the individual building projects were approved in advance by the advisory group, which enabled the development plan and the building projects to be implemented in parallel.

Against the background of a resource-saving and space-saving approach to nature and the landscape, the development plan makes an important contribution to the development of the area into a district. The following partial development plans are now available for the FRANKLIN district: Officers' settlement, Sullivan, Funari and FRANKLIN-Mitte. The sub-areas Columbus and Sullivan South are still outstanding.

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