First tour of the residents of SPINELLI

While the conversion on the other three areas is already well advanced, the clocks on SPINELLI, now the fourth area, are still at zero. Time is short: The first phase of SPINELLI is part of the Federal Garden Show 2023 - the planned development of the area therefore has an immovable deadline. Residents and interested parties should of course not be left out of such an ambitious process. The MWSP invited to a first round of information, which is the starting signal for a transparent communication process. And indeed: in front of the gate to SPINELLI in Völklinger Straße, a large group of citizens had gathered who were happy to accept this offer. Sturdy footwear and weatherproof clothing should come in handy when over 70 people were greeted by the MWSP.

Then we went along Anna-Sammet-Straße, but not outside but inside the old barbed wire fence. Two external project managers for the demolition answered numerous questions, as did the MWSP colleagues, while the large group marched to the old warehouse in the northeastern area of ​​SPINELLI. The future design of the open spaces was just as much a topic as the expected amount of the planned residential development, the pollution of floors and building materials or the use after the BUGA2023. The question of any tunnels - now almost a conversion myth - also came up. These ominous tunnels have not yet been discovered on any surface, and the MWSP had to deny their existence again. Back at the gate, the residents' tour ended with a large question and answer session on the newly installed banners on the SPINELLI fence. On the basis of the hung plans, the residential building planning in particular could be clearly explained again. The MWSP was very happy with this start, above all, of course, because the offer for dialogue was so numerous and constructive.

An information container from the MWSP is expected to be at the Völklinger Straße gate from late summer, so that communication with local residents can continue regardless of such events. Because nothing else is involved in the conversion process: staying in touch with the citizens, taking their concerns seriously and taking their suggestions. In this way, the new spaces can be a win for all citzens of Mannheim.

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