Sales contract signed for SPINELLI

The city of Mannheim, the MWSP and the GBG - Mannheimer Wohnbaugesellschaft jointly open the next chapter of the conversion: In April the city and the two municipal companies signed the purchase contract for the federally owned part of the site of the former Spinelli Barracks with the Federal Agency for Real Estate ( BImA) signed.

The current purchase constellation is a first: The MWSP was founded in 2012 as an urban company to buy and develop the conversion areas from the federal government. At SPINELLI there is a special situation against the background of the reuse of the individual sections, which is taken into account with the three buyers. For the first time, the MWSP is therefore not solely responsible for the development of a Mannheim conversion area. Instead, with the GBG, MWSP and BUGA 23, three municipal companies are responsible for the planning and implementation of the respective areas.

In the coming years, residential units for around 4,500 people and a central part of the new green area north-east will be created on the area between Käfertal and Feudenheim. The Federal Garden Show 2023 will also take place in the heart of the area. The purchase is still subject to approval by the respective committees. The Mannheim City Council unanimously approved the purchase on Tuesday (April 28, 2018).

After TURLEY, TAYLOR and FRANKLIN, SPINELLI is the fourth transformation of an earlier US barracks into urban space. With around 82 hectares, SPINELLI is the second largest development area for residential construction in Mannheim. A special feature will be the large parking area in the center of the area between Aubuckel and the Feudenheimer Bürgerpark: This closes a gap in the new green area north-east, which extends from the Luisenpark across the Neckar to the Vogelstang lakes. This area will also be home to BUGA 23, which plays an important role in the development of green spaces. The master plan stipulates that 73 percent of SPINELLI will be converted into green and open space and 27 percent into construction space. This shows the green dimension of the area and its importance for Mannheim.

"I am very pleased that after decades of military use and use by the country as a city, we can take over this large area," said Mayor Dr. Peter Kurz. “The development of SPINELLI is of great importance for sustainable urban development. Because there will be a generous, continuous green area that will improve the quality of life of the people in Mannheim. And there we are building a new residential area that is essential for the growing need for living space in Mannheim. ”

The Spinelli baracks used to serve as barracks for the US Army. After the withdrawal of the US armed forces, the state of Baden-Württemberg used part of the existing buildings as refugee accommodation. Large parts of the area are sealed or covered with halls, the BImA started dismantling in 2019. The BImA owned around 52 hectares of the Spinelli Barracks. The purchase contract has now been signed for them. The remaining 30 hectares are already owned by the city of Mannheim or in ongoing sales contract negotiations.

The development areas of SPINELLI at a glance

The graphic shows the responsibilities in the development of SPINELLIS, which can begin with the purchase of the area.

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