New primary school building on SPINELLI - Results of the jury for the planning competition

With the first decision in the planning competition of the all-day school, another important building block for the emerging district of SPINELLI has been implemented. The jury, consisting of Lord Mayor Dr. Peter Kurz, Mayor of Education Dirk Grunert, BBS Managing Director Karl-Heinz Frings, Head of the Urban Development Department Klaus Elliger and Lutz Years from the Education Department, chaired by architect Prof. Peter Cheret. After several hours of consultation, they unanimously decided on the two architecture firms Motorlab Architects from Mannheim and Bär, Stadelmann, Stöcker Architects from Nuremberg, both of which received the first prize. The third prize went to wittfoht architekten from Stuttgart. These three award winners now have the opportunity to further develop their concepts. After the revision period, a delegation from the jury decides on the winning design to be realized.

“The designs of the first two award winners show different approaches to tackling the challenging task of building a primary school at the interface between the green area and the federal garden show, between the old and new residential areas. While one work takes a clear and withdrawn stance in urban planning and architecture, the other work reacts more strongly to the suburban environment. We see the greatest potential to find the best solution for this special location in the opportunity to further develop the most convincing concepts, ”emphasizes Karl-Heinz Frings, Managing Director of BBS.

"The fact that we are establishing two completely new schools on the conversion areas with SPINELLI and FRANKLIN - which is something special for a municipality - shows that family-friendliness is of outstanding strategic importance when it comes to designing new neighborhoods," stressed Mayor Dirk Grunert. Right from the start, special emphasis was placed on sustainability and environmental friendliness, which is reflected in the good connection of the new school to the planned tram connection, its easy accessibility and the extensive provision of bicycle parking spaces. And the green corridor and the element of the “green school” have also been a key feature in the pedagogical framework.

In order to achieve the best possible compatibility of family and work and, in particular, good educational opportunities, a two-tier elementary school is implemented on SPINELLI in full-time operation. The start of school operations and thus the arrival of the lively bustle of small residents is planned for the school year 2023/24. The school is provided with school social work by means of the city and the teaching staff is supported by a city-financed team of educators

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