Result of the jury for the planning competition for the Sullivan South construction site on FRANKLIN

The subject of the ideas competition was the development of a new urban design for the approx. 3.7 hectare “Sullivan South” sub-area within the FRANKLIN conversion area. The focus was on the creation of a high-quality mixed area with residential development and therefore compatible commercial facilities. In this context, mixed use is understood to mean a modern quarter with “living and working”.

The town planning office ISR Innovative Stadt- und Raumplanung GmbH from Düsseldorf received first place. The second prize was awarded to the architects prosa Architektur und Urban Planning from Darmstadt. The third prize went to the architects Mäckler Architekten from Frankfurt.

“The winning design impresses with its consistent approach of further developing heterogeneity as a characteristic and thus supports the complexity and uniqueness of FRANKLIN. The reactive work allows a high degree of freedom to react sensitively to future changes. A strong atmospheric structure with the development of an independent character of the area with very good networking is suggested. The equivalence of living conditions within attractive open spaces and the good playability with cultural uses are particularly welcomed”, said architect Prof. Kerstin Schultz, chairwoman of the jury, emphasizing the design of the ISR urban planning office.

Lord Mayor Dr. Peter Kurz emphasizes the high quality of the victorious work: "The draftsmen have developed an individual concept that meets the functional requirements, which allows a wide range of uses and can thus represent added value for FRANKLIN and Mannheim".

“This draft prepares the last building block in FRANKLIN's planning and development. Due to the flexibility and lightness of the room concept, this work is an interesting and good addition to the existing structure of Sullivan, ”says Achim Judt, Managing Director of MWSP.

The development plan procedure is to be tendered and awarded separately. The realization of 30% inexpensive living space is taken into account.

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