Wooden bridge by Kéré architecture and HK Architects is to complete the north-east green corridor: the Taylor Bridge planning status

The urban design for TAYLOR, which is being developed into a green business park, is based on the 2013 competition results. The winning design comes from Kéré Architecture and the landscape architecture firm MAN MADE LAND, both from Berlin. An elementary part of the design is an attractive foot and bike path connection via the B38 to the existing network of paths in the Käfertal forest. "TAYLOR makes an important contribution to the networking of the adjacent green structures and the supraregional open spaces and completes the north-east green corridor with the concept of bridging," says Achim Judt, Managing Director of MWSP.

Against the background of the state of development of TAYLOR and the two-lane network of paths through the TAYLOR PARK, the focus is currently on the Taylor Bridge. The planning of the crossing over the federal road and the OEG route was updated by Kéré architecture in a joint venture with HK architects from Schwarzach / Vorarlberg.

The design provides for a wood / reinforced concrete composite construction in a distinctive, symbolic silhouette.

The sustainable and contemporary construction and design makes a valuable contribution to the expansion of the B38 as a city boulevard and can act as a representative northeast entrance to the city. The next planning steps are currently in preparation.

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