Education & Youth

Education & Youth

In the Neckarstadt-West district, there is an urgent need for action to improve children's chances in life and participation. The aim is to increase the opportunities, especially for children between the ages of six and about twelve, regardless of their individual origin and their respective school locations. Offers of non-formal and supplementary education are to be created which effectively support the personal development of young people and are based on their needs. 

Neckarstadt Kids e.V.

With the support of numerous donors and sponsors, the association Neckarstadt-Kids e.V. was founded in March 2018 and currently has around 50 members. The newly founded non-profit organization has succeeded in finding trainers for various offers within a short period of time. Together with these trainers, the Alte Feuerwache (Old Fire Station) and employees of the Youth Welfare Office, an additional offer was developed that focuses on culture, dance, music, sport, movement and health (ball club). To coordinate the activities of the association and the project, the association and the Youth Welfare Office jointly operate a project office in the Neckarstadt-West community center.

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Children’s Path

Plans for additional signs and road markings around the "Children's Path" have been developed to point out more explicitly the possible crossing of children, especially at intersections, and thus to make the children's way safer.

Child- und Youth Educational Center Kaisergarten

Child- und Youth Educational Center KaisergartenThe Kaisergarten, the church community room of the Catholic congregation Herz Jesu, has been empty for several years; the congregation is not planning to refurbish it. Renovating and upgrading the Kaisergarten would create a place for movement and contact for children and young people in the neighborhood. In collaborative action with local residents and businesses and under the direction of a commissioned architectural office, the Kaisergarten is to be used again. The Catholic parish church is prepared to transfer the Kaisergarten to the City of Mannheim Group through a leasehold contract.

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