Institutional Interventions

Redevelopment Area

The formal designation of the redevelopment area since August 2018 is not only intended to generate subsidies but also to sharpen legal instruments. The overarching goal of the redevelopment is the structural, design, functional and social development of the district into a lively place that is equally attractive for all social groups and milieus living there. Since then, conversations take place with the buyer every time a house is sold. The aim is either to apply the right of first refusal or to conclude a relief agreement. 

GBG will play a special role in stabilizing the real estate market in terms of supply and rental development as well as commercial offer on Mittelstraße. As a city housing company, it takes over the purchase of existing properties. The targeted acquisition of real estate is intended to prevent abuse on the one hand and to have a positive influence on neighborhood development in both commercial and residential sectors on the other.

Restructuring of neighborhood management

The coordination of the district management is to be linked more closely with urban tasks overall and interdisciplinary district development in administration is to be strengthened. Christian Hübel takes over the 1st chairmanship of the Mannheim Association for District Management, in addition to the management of the city's Department of Democracy and Strategy. Together with the association, members the City of Mannheim, GBG Mannheimer Wohnungsbaugesellschaft (Mannheim Housing Association), MWSP, Job Center in Mannheim, the Caritas Association of Mannheim, Diakonisches Werk Mannheim, the Paritätische (equal charity) Baden-Württemberg, Arbeiterwohlfahrt Kreisverband (Workers’ Welfare Association) Mannheim, KulturQuer QuerKultur Rhein-Neckar e.V., Förderverein Sicherheit (Security association) in Mannheim e.V., covers a diverse spectrum of social actors.

STARTRaum Mannheim

The first Mannheim platform for vacancy management was initiated by STARTRAUM Mannheim - Räume auf Zeit für Gründer, Kreative & Künstler (temporary spaces for entrepreneurs, creatives & artists). The platform presents vacancies in Mannheim and aims to attract homeowners for temporary use of their properties. Interim usage by entrepreneurs or those from the creative scene are limited in time and can usually be implemented with modest funding and a small investment volume. They are also an important instrument for urban development to boost structurally weak neighborhoods and neighborhoods with limited mixed use.

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