Trendy Harbor District

Population: approx. 5000


  • The district lies between the harbor, on the river and just outside the city center and is characterized by this location.
  • This former red light district is today a multicultural, lively and trendy district. Here, students, young families and workers live close to each other.


  • Shopping opportunities: all areas of demand 
  • Traffic: public transport accessibility
  • Education: one elementary school, two nursery schools, Popakademie (music/performance academy)


  • Jungbusch was founded in 1870 as a result of the expansion of the town during the founding period. Until the 19th century, merchants, ship owners and captains lived in the commercial port area.
  • The atmosphere is characterized by open-mindedness, tolerance and liveliness.

Fields of Action:

  • The Jungbusch Agreement

District Core Actors:

  • Citizens’ Service 
  • Jungbusch District Management 

Over the years, the oldest part of the city, the former workers' and sack-carrier district, has advanced to become a trendy meeting place and one of Germany's most recognized creativity hotspots: the process from tradition to modern subculture and its effects can be felt everywhere here. However, it is also a fascinating mix of cultures that come together and create a very special, sometimes extravagant atmosphere. The mixture of a progressive creative scene and a cultural melting pot is its special attraction, which, however, brings challenges with it. The Jungbusch neighborhood management has been addressing these challenges for years through a wide variety of activities and, since 2017, also as part of the Local Urban Renewal program.

This important interface between industrial and residential areas offered the opportunity to combine living and working, to locate businesses and services and to cover the demand for sports and recreational facilities. The development along the "canal" is thus a catalyst to upgrade the neighboring district; the lively, versatile and urban district has become an attractive and entrepreneur-friendly environment. By pooling existing resources, a model was created with a high appeal for inner-city, urban living and work for different population groups. 

The Jungbusch neighborhood management and LOS are also active in the areas of modernization and gentrification, safety and cleanliness, economic awakening, local economy and employment, as well as the promotion and activation of community involvement, community-based events and neighborhood activities.