Mittelstraße (Middle Street)


Retail trade is to be strengthened by expanding and maintaining retail locations in the neighborhood, especially on Mittelstraße. The aim is to improve the commercial offer and enhance the appearance of Mittelstraße. The resident business people will be constructively involved in the round table. Measures: cleanliness actions, optimization of the traffic situation through speed reduction and control by the KOD, cooperation with participants from the cultural and creative scene.

Library & Citizens’ Services

In the former Sparkasse (bank) building on Mittelstraße, the citizens’ services and the district library Bernhard-Kahn-Bücherei are opening a cooperative concept. Some of the ground floor areas are partly shared, improving access to the library and providing barrier-free access. The proximity of the citzens’ services, the district library and the business start-up center to district management in the Alten Volksbad (old public bathhouse) will create a public community focus. Uniform design elements are intended to strengthen the connection. The building was acquired by GBG and will be converted in 2019.