Multi-purpose district

Area: 972 hectares

Population: approx. 22,000


  • a very urban district.
  • Open-mindedness, tolerance and liveliness define the atmosphere, which is not least attributable to the fact that people from over 160 nations live here. 
  • The Neckar not only offers sunbathing, but also biking and jogging opportunities. 


  • Shopping opportunities: all areas of demand, especially along the Mittelstraße
  • Traffic: several tram lines, with local train service at the Neckarstadt-West train station
  • Education: 16 nursery schools, two elementary schools, one technical secondary school, one secondary school, one school for special education


  • Today's Neckarstadt-West, as we know it, originated in the former "Neckar Gardens". As of 1679, it was established north of the Neckar on the "Pflügersgrund" (plowing grounds) as a town garden, and at the end of 1682, it was given to 560 citizens for use. Since then, a lot has happened in the young and best-preserved 19th century district of Mannheim. 
  • At present, 22,000 inhabitants live here, consisting of long-established "Neckarstadt dwellers", immigrants of the first and later immigrant generations, young creative people and families.
  • The Capitol (concert and event hall) has been a feature of the district since 1927.

District core actors:

  • Citizens’ Service
  • Neckarstadt-West District Management 
  • Neckarstadt Kids e.V.

Fields of Action

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