The Neumarkt is the central square in the district and an important public place where the diverse residents meet up. The current design of the Neumarkt - the result of a competition in the 1980s - no longer meets today's requirements, as reflected in the low level of use.

In April 2018, an urban planning competition was launched to optimize the Neumarkt. The five teams, each consisting of two office communities, had the task of developing an overall concept for the Neumarkt that would significantly improve the residential quality and make the location in its entirety palpable in the area. The winning design of the office community GREENBOX LANDSCHAFTSARCHITEKTEN and Trint + Kreuder d.n.a Architects PartGmbB incorporates elements from the public survey of 2015 and strives for a joint implementation of the measures with the citizens.

The Kulturkiosk, which has already been completed as the first piece of the puzzle, has been enjoying a great response as a meeting point and event location. The bookcase for the interactive book exchange, which was initiated by the local citizens' association, and the "Neumarkt Neighborhood Garden" further enliven the square and make it the heart of the "diversity district". 

Town Stage

As one of the first measures, part of the parking spaces in front of the Neckarschule became public space again and thus was given back to the residents. The parking spaces were relocated to Dammstraße. Benches and flower pots serve as a boundary to the street area. This creates a wider range of uses from the outset. A floor painting will artistically emphasize the space that has become free as a result.

Public Restroom

With the public restroom, which was set up at the Neumarkt, LOS meets the demands for a public restroom and thus creates a needs-based offer. The restroom is a mobile “dry toilet” with two cabins. During the six-month test phase, the location, use and acceptance in the district will be surveyed. Should this experiment prove successful, further surveys will follow for a long-term location of a permanently installed public restroom facility. The wooden cladding of the restroom was painted by the Street Art collective "Studio 68" along with children from the neighborhood.

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